Get To Know The Allstate’s Exclusive MedSupp Product

Allstate has the MedSupp product you’ve been waiting for.

Allstate Health Solutions is not the only carrier to offer MedSupp insurance, but you can’t miss our exclusive savings package, MultiDiscount. Give your customers the kind of plans they can rely on for financial peace of mind, with discounts created just for them.

Watch as Craig Rydzeski, Director of Senior Product Sales, highlights the benefits of offering Allstate Health Solutions’ portfolio as part of your offerings all year long.

Exclusive MultiDiscount Benefits
Allstate has created an exclusive suite of discounts and upgrades that your customers will love
and you will appreciate. Here’s what your customers will enjoy from Allstate’s MultiDiscount:
  • Roommate discount – 7%
  • Dual Applicant Discount – 10%
  • Activity tracker discount – 5%
  • Annual payment discount – 10%
  • Dental discount: combine Allstate DVH with MedSupp and save 10% on Dental
Plus, agents get support and resources to streamline enrollment and simplify their customers’ process, saving time for everyone:
  • Any-day effective date
  • InstaDecision: no waiting, no paperwork to file, Instant ID cards
  • Signature Options include: security question, Electronic signature and voice signature
  • Touchless application process for security and ease of enrollment
MedSupp Plans Overview
Allstate’s MedSupp Insurance plans offer options A, F, HDF, G and N. Our plans provide the industrystandard
level of MedSupp benefits that you already expect.
Allstate’s MedSupp offers the security of E-app and Instant ID cards:
Get contracted with Premier today!
Offer your customers a MedSupp plan they want with the security they deserve. Agents receive outstanding support and resources during the whole process. Prospective customers will find it simple to get the MedSupp plan they can rely on for financial peace of mind,
Activate now with Allstate to offer MultiDiscount,
our exclusive savings package.
Offer your clients the MedSupp plans they want. Plus, our exclusive suite of discounts and upgrades, called MultiDiscount. Give your clients the kind of plans they can rely on for financial peace of mind.
Watch our page for additional information that will be coming soon!
Call the Marketing Staff here at Premier to get additional information: 800-365-8208

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