GTL’s Cash Paying Weekly Home Care Is In Your State!

Join us to discuss the HomeCare Secure product of GTL. Weekly cash payments for Home care services along with a plethora of discounts and incentives as part of your Aging at Home Association membership.

States available: AL, AZ, AR, CO, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, MI, MS, MO, NE, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX

New & Exciting Updates Are Happening at Humana!

Humana launches competitive Medicare Supplement rates! Together, we’ll review:

– New Product & pricing
– Industry-Leading bonus options ($325 per application)
-New technology updates

Looking to market through Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens?

Use retail settings to maximize your most valuable asset – the hours in your work day. Limit your windshield time and take advantage of what can be a practical office outside your insurance practice…

Disability Trends and Solutions

Join us as we review:
• Trends in the Disability Insurance market
• Technology is our friend: Impacts of Covid
• Hints for effective field UW
• Assurity disability solutions with instant decision options
• Critical Illness: a robust addition to any insurance plan

Elevate Your Sales with Elevance Health (formerly Anthem)

Get the tools you need to support your Medicare Advantage Plan sales efforts. With robust marketing support and strong benefits for 2023, Anthem and Elevance Health give you the key components that drive your success in this competitive insurance arena…

Why Sell Hospital Indemnity Plans?

Medicare Advantage Plans can leave members open to large out-of-pocket expenditures when dealing with a hospital stay. Medicare Supplement plans do not cover non-medical expenses associated with a hospital stay…

LTC Planning in 2023

LTC planning has changed and we want to ensure you know all about it!! We have options for lower budgets, older clients, and blemished health histories. Join us as we briefly discuss the opportunities we are forecasting for 2023 and how we can help you join in this success!

Be Prepared with Critical Illness Programs From The Industry Leader

Critical illnesses and accidents can happen to anyone, and many are not prepared to handle the expense that accompany such happenings. With ACA plans built with high deductibles and other short-term and less comprehensive plans available to the public, coverage shortfalls can be financially devastating…

Exclusive Medicare Supplement Opportunities With Integrity

Allstate, Aflac, and ACE are now offering some of the most competitive Medicare Supplements in the market.Allstate, Aflac, and ACE are now offering some of the most competitive Medicare Supplements in the market. Join us as we introduce these BIG name carriers and their Medicare Supplements. Together, we’ll review the following advantages: • Easy online enrollments• Household discounts• Top commission• Application bonus

Serve Medicare Beneficiary’s Extra Needs
Many Medicare beneficiaries need help beyond what Medicare offers. Having the demand product beneficiaries need will generate added sales from your current clients as well as create new sales from prospects. Additionally, this can carry into both the Medicare and Under 65 markets….
Marketing Insurance through Faith Based Organizations
Does working with and through faith-based organizations to help their congregations understand insurance products appeal to you, and fit your overall marketing strategy? We offer tips, scripts and an overall strategy to help you access and assist this important part of who we are and who we serve…
Guarantees and Annuity Rates are HOT!
Annuity Rates are higher than they have been in years and clients are taking advantage of the current environment!

Join Premier Marketing’s very own Shad Buchanan and Brad Lewis as they explore your opportunities with Annuities in today’s market…

Three Tips for Selling Ancillary Products in the Senior Market

Many Medicare Advantage plans have additional benefits that address coverage shortfalls beyond base medical needs, but help is often welcome for expenses that aren’t fully covered. Medicare Supplements also often fail to account for non-medical expenses outside base medical expenses. Learn more about options available to help combat these out-of-pocket exposures, and how you can further protect your clients and prospects…

Keys to Maximize Your Medicare Supplement Sales
Medicare Supplements are an essential offering for Medicare beneficiaries throughout the year. Like any Medicare medical coverage, awareness of your target and what is most competitive for your prospects and clients is crucial to being successful in the pursuit of those best served by these plans…
Blue Cross Blue Shield – The Choice for North Texas Medicare Coverage
Your sales success escalates when you work with a carrier that has a strong portfolio of Medicare health coverage, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Prescription Drug Plans…
Why (& How to) Sell Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plans
Learn more about the options available to help with dental, vision, and hearing needs, to combat these out-of-pocket exposures, and how you can help further protect your clients and prospects. These plans will also drive up your clients’ persistency, build your book-of-business, and contribute to your bottom line…
Interview With Premier Marketing Ops!
As an Independent Agent, you have the choice to get the support you expect and success you deserve. Do what you do best… SELL! We will handle the rest. From Contracting to Fulfillment and Supplies, New Business to Commissions, we have the back office support that gives you peace of mind as you focus on your business.
Understanding the Power of MedicareCENTER with LeadCENTER

In our “New Normal”, sales opportunities within the Medicare market continue to beckon throughout the year, but so does the needs to locate and sell prospects efficiently and compliantly. Knowing how to utilize MedicareCENTER, and the lead program within it, LeadCENTER, you possess a valuable tool to close Medicare sales.

GTL’s New SHORT TERM CARE plan is here!

GTL’s NEW Recover Cash Plan features many upgrades, making it the new standout plan in the STC market. Join us to find out the details which include a new, robust Home Health Care rider cash benefit and a separate cash benefit for the Caregiver – along with a Caregiver support system from TCARE! There are more plan upgrades to share, so please join us!

Florida Agents: Do You Have A Devoted Selling Process That Works For You?

Having strong Medicare Advantage carriers as a part of your portfolio is crucial to your success. But, a strong benefit package is only part of what differentiates one carrier from another. Dependable top-of-the-line provider networks are also a necessity, but strong marketing support serving the agent can be what ultimately helps make the sale.

Medicare and the Marketplace

Thousands of beneficiaries age into and otherwise qualify for Medicare coverage every day, but many of these people are choosing to work past the age of 65. This population faces plan choices brought to them through the Health Insurance Marketplace (sometimes called the “Marketplace” or “Exchange”).

Texas Agents: Plan the Path to Success in Medicare Sales!

The direction to success in the insurance world is answered in the literary world. Alice in Wonderland’s question of “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ is answered by the Cheshire Cat – “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”

Love, Legacies and LTC

We kicked off Valentine’s Day by discussing Equitrust’s innovative Indexed Annuity. Bringing together long-term care coverage, a science-based wellness program and a Non-Qualified fixed index annuity, Bridge allows your clients to plan for a secure, healthy future…

Back to Basics – Medicare 101
Medicare beneficiaries are among the most stable and most appealing marketing segments in the insurance world. Those unfamiliar with traditional Medicare coverage – and the programs to help with the gaps in that coverage – can benefit from straightforward information about the coverages involved…


GTL’s New SHORT TERM CARE product is here!!!
GTL’s NEW Recover Cash Plan features many upgrades, making it the new standout plan in the STC market. Join us to find out the details which include a new, robust Home Health Care rider cash benefit and a separate cash benefit for the Caregiver – along with a Caregiver support system from TCARE…


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