Important updates from UnitedHealthcare for Medicare Supplement and dental/vision/hearing plans

Join us as Gregg Abel from UHC explains all of the important and exciting updates they have been making to their plans.

MedicareCENTER: The Platform that will change how you do business

Did you know that agents who utilize Integrity technology submit 63% MORE apps? Join us as we review all of the amazing tools that MedicareCENTER offers to our agents for FREE!

CASH paying home care for your younger clients!

Home Care Secure offers CASH Indemnity home care coverage down to age 35! Your clients are planning earlier and this allows them to start their extended care plan at lower cost and minimal underwriting!

Big changes & updates on Critical Illness & Disability policies
Assurity’s critical illness offers instant decisions up to 75k, built in ROP & strong renewal commissions! Disability products have come a long way, but are you up to date with the latest changes? Don’t miss out on these great advancements to begin a very successful 2024!

Easy and Affordable LTC planning for your Medicare clients!

Are you ready to level up your selling game? Premier Marketing’s Kati Novotny is joined by Lawrence Vivenzio, of NGL, to discuss how you can simplify the LTC planning process.

Final Expense Updates from Transamerica!

Join Brad Lewis, with Premier Marketing, and Jeremiah Tacker, RVP Transamerica, as they discuss the latest updates with Transamerica Final Expense!

Mastering the Mystery of Med Supps Series Part 1: Why Med Supp in today’s market?
Find Out Why 1 in 3 Clients Embrace the Power of Medicare Supplements: Unlock the Benefits Today!

Introducing INDEXALYZER! Solve all your FIA Allocation Issues!

This program will solve all your Fixed Index allocation issues! You will be able to quickly get historical performance data, allocation info, index info, and even re-allocation info! 

Executive Carve Out And Year End Sales Opportunities!
Join Kati Novotny, from Premier Marketing, and Lawrence Vivenzio, from NGL, as they discuss year end business opportunities and employee benefits!

– LTC planning as executive bonus
– Employee retention tools
– Tax incentives for business owners and individuals

AEP Prep & Plan

Join our health specialists as they review the carrier benefits & expansion markets, carrier certifications and Premier’s AEP Medicare Toolkit! We will also cover some of the major technology updates happening within MedicareCENTER regarding call recording, CRM details, mobile app and some new features and enhancements. Don’t forget about Ask Integrity “AI” — the first-in-the industry, AI-powered solution for agents!

Mastering the Mystery of Med Supps Series Part 3: Why are Medicare Supplement Sales so Easy?

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

– Unparalleled Opportunity
– Keys to Success
– Simple Client and Agent Education
– Less Regulation, More Flexibility
– Low Maintenance

Positioning LTC As A Retirement Tool
— Review the “Risk” associated with an Extend Care Event
— How to position LTC as an “emotional sale” not a “Logical” sale
— LTC Impactful Statistics
— 3 Step Sales process
— Closing Techniques

Mastering the Mystery of Med Supps Series Part 2: Identify the Med Supp Client and Maximize Success!

Join us for a captivating webinar where we will delve into the intricacies of identifying Med Supp clients and equip you with the tools to excel in this thriving market…

Term Life with Living Benefits for Millennials
Jeremiah and Kathy will be discussing Transamerica’ Term Life and Term Life with Living Benefits and the clients you are looking for! One Policy Covers Many Needs…

Business Owner Incentives and Enhanced Employee Benefits

Leverage existing assets for maximum future business protection! Join Lincoln Financials’ Advanced Sales team as they discuss: executive bonus plans, employer funded LTC, retention tools and business tax advantages.
Home care, lifestyle discounts and more!
Join us as we discuss the opportunities for your clients to recover at home with CASH. Short Term Care is not limited to your senior market with this product & there are day one benefits to enjoy!


Mastering the Mystery of Med Supps Part 1 of 3: Why Med Supp in today’s market?
Medicare Supplements, or Medigap plans, are the missing puzzle piece that completes your Medicare coverage, elevating it to new heights. In this exclusive event, we will guide you through the compelling reasons why these plans have become an absolute must-have for anyone seeking optimal protection and peace of mind…
2024 CarePartners Product Training
Come learn about CarePartners 2024 product details that will cover crucial information about their upcoming products, exciting agent updates, and tools to support your sales efforts effectively…
Deft Research – AEP Marketing Trends
Learn from industry leader George Dippel as he dives into Deft Research’s 2024 AEP Gut Check Study and sheds light on how Medicare members are likely to approach the upcoming AEP. Grasp how to best reach clients in your planning during this conversation…
5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and there is no better time to discuss the value of life insurance with your clients! Sean’s exciting presentation is filled with sales ideas that will help your clients understand the value of including life insurance in their plan…

Understanding United American/Globe Life Medicare Supplement
Are you looking to add more recognizable brands to your product portfolio?

Join the exclusive group of special agents to learn more about Globe Life SilverCare™ Medicare Supplement insurance…

5 year Fixed Indexed Annuity Built for Accumulation

Now you can offer clients a short-term, flexible premium FIA built for accumulation. Plus, it’s an ideal vehicle for clients looking to complete a Partial Tax Conversion (PTC). And with its massive state approvals, MarketFive IndexTM is available where you are!

Family Caregiver Benefits and CASH Payments!

Recover Cash can help pay for stays in an assisted living facility or skilled nursing home, help offset costs associated with adult day care/hospice care and even help pay for care in your own home…


Short Term Care Products Launching Everywhere – Here’s What You NEED To Know!

Join us as we have a summary of the STC products and their niches!! We have seen a lot of new product announcement and different benefits for each. Let’s simplify these products and ensure you have the tools to customize your client’s needs!

Final Expense Updates You Need To Know!

Join Brad Lewis, from Premier Marketing, and Jeremiah Tacker, from Transamerica, as they discuss the recent updates to the Immediate Solutions Final Expense plan from Transamerica!

Double Discounts and CASH Benefits!

Join us as we launch the BRAND NEW Short Term Care product in your state. Kelly Rayburn of Wellabe, will be providing plan details, marketing ideas and AEP opportunities with their latest product!

Exclusive Medicare Supplement Opportunities With Integrity!

Allstate, Aflac, and ACE are now offering some of the most competitive Medicare Supplements in the market. Join us as we introduce these BIG name carriers and their Medicare Supplements. Together, we’ll review the following advantages: Easy online enrollments, Household discounts, Top commission and Application bonus!

New & Exciting Updates Are Happening at Humana!

Humana launches competitive Medicare Supplement rates! Together, we’ll review: New Product & pricing, Industry-Leading bonus options ($325 per application) and New technology updates!

Aflac Medicare Supplement Series: Is your Medicare Supplement Tool Kit Complete?

As an insurance agent, you know that selling Medicare Supplements to seniors is a great way to grow your business. But with so many companies on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. That is why we are excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar, where you will learn all about why Aflac and the Duck should be part of your sales tool kit.

Allstate Medicare Supplement-Ready to take your Insurance Business to the next level?

Our upcoming webinar is the perfect opportunity for you to do just that. During this session, will cover Allstate’s Medicare Supplement plan offering. Come learn how you can save your client up to 25% in discounts on their premium!

Is Medicare Supplement Still Relevant? MAC Medicare Supplement

Manhattan Assurance Company (MAC) has some of the most competitive rates in the country, one of the easiest one-page E apps in the industry and year-round bonus programs. Join us to find out why you should add MAC to your toolkit and grow your sales even more.

The Lumico Medicare Supplement

The Lumico med Supp is a popular and dynamic choice for brokers and agencies alike, offering competitive rates, a uniquely attractive fitness program, and several value props that you don’t want to overlook.

The ABL Medicare Supplement

ABL Medicare Supplement offers highly competitive rates, providing exceptional value to your clients. Learn how its on-the-spot underwriting process streamlines eligibility assessment and ensures immediate coverage.

Wellabe, The Medico Medicare Supplement!

Medico Medicare Supplement means competitive rates with a unique positioning, strong agent support and outstanding customer service. Learn how Wellabe positions itself in the market and why you should add it to your tool kit!

Do you know about the great changes happening with the Humana Medicare Supplement?

Already a Household brand name, one of the most lucrative agent incentives on the market and new rates and reductions coming are just a couple of reasons you will not want to miss this webinar.

Mastering the Mystery of Med Supps Part 2 of 3: Identify the Med Supp Client and Maximize Success!

Let’s explore the art of identifying typical Med Supp clients and guide you through the key factors that contribute to your success. You will gain valuable insights on how to utilize needs assessment, understand demographics and identify desired benefits!

Mastering the Mystery of Med Supps Part 1 of 3: Why Med Supp in today’s market?

Are you ready to uncover the secret behind why 1 in 3 clients are seizing the opportunity to supercharge their Medicare coverage? Join us for an eye-opening session where we delve into the world of Medicare Supplements and unveil the extraordinary advantages that await you…
Benefits of FIA’s For Retirement
Your clients are looking for safe and guaranteed opportunities for their savings and Fixed Indexed Annuities could be the perfect fit! Get updated on the structure of FIA’s the current environment for annuities and take a look at sales ideas.

Life Producers: IUL Basics and the Affects of AG49

Join Kathy Elkins, from Premier Marketing, along with Jeremiah Tacker, from Transamerica, as they discuss The Basics of IUL’s and the impact of AG49 on illustrations. Hear about the features and benefits that go into life solutions for your clients!

Nationwide launches NEWEST LTC hybrid CareMatters Together!

Nationwide CareMatters Together (product CUSIP 63866G279) offers a shared pool of benefit dollars. Policyowners can use some or all of the benefit as best fits their situation. And like all Nationwide LTC solutions the benefit is cash indemnity. This means that Nationwide places no restrictions on how the benefit is spent.

(available in all states except California, District of Columbia, Montana, Arizona and New York)

GTL’s Cash Paying Weekly Home Care Is In Your State!

Join us to discuss the HomeCare Secure product of GTL. Weekly cash payments for Home care services along with a plethora of discounts and incentives as part of your Aging at Home Association membership.

States available: AL, AZ, AR, CO, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, MI, MS, MO, NE, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX

New & Exciting Updates Are Happening at Humana!

Humana launches competitive Medicare Supplement rates! Together, we’ll review:

– New Product & pricing
– Industry-Leading bonus options ($325 per application)
-New technology updates

Looking to market through Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens?

Use retail settings to maximize your most valuable asset – the hours in your work day. Limit your windshield time and take advantage of what can be a practical office outside your insurance practice…

Disability Trends and Solutions

Join us as we review:
• Trends in the Disability Insurance market
• Technology is our friend: Impacts of Covid
• Hints for effective field UW
• Assurity disability solutions with instant decision options
• Critical Illness: a robust addition to any insurance plan

Elevate Your Sales with Elevance Health (formerly Anthem)

Get the tools you need to support your Medicare Advantage Plan sales efforts. With robust marketing support and strong benefits for 2023, Anthem and Elevance Health give you the key components that drive your success in this competitive insurance arena…

Why Sell Hospital Indemnity Plans?

Medicare Advantage Plans can leave members open to large out-of-pocket expenditures when dealing with a hospital stay. Medicare Supplement plans do not cover non-medical expenses associated with a hospital stay…

LTC Planning in 2023

LTC planning has changed and we want to ensure you know all about it!! We have options for lower budgets, older clients, and blemished health histories. Join us as we briefly discuss the opportunities we are forecasting for 2023 and how we can help you join in this success!

Be Prepared with Critical Illness Programs From The Industry Leader

Critical illnesses and accidents can happen to anyone, and many are not prepared to handle the expense that accompany such happenings. With ACA plans built with high deductibles and other short-term and less comprehensive plans available to the public, coverage shortfalls can be financially devastating…

Exclusive Medicare Supplement Opportunities With Integrity

Allstate, Aflac, and ACE are now offering some of the most competitive Medicare Supplements in the market.Allstate, Aflac, and ACE are now offering some of the most competitive Medicare Supplements in the market. Join us as we introduce these BIG name carriers and their Medicare Supplements. Together, we’ll review the following advantages: • Easy online enrollments• Household discounts• Top commission• Application bonus

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