Selling Medicare Supplements in AEP
(and All Year)

Medicare Supplements can be marketed and sold throughout the year. But what carriers should you use and how do you visit with qualified prospects, efficiently and compliantly? Do you leave Medicare Advantage Plans on the table? And what about cross selling the other programs that your prospects and clients need?


Selling The Entire Package to Satisfy Your Medicare Beneficiary’s Needs
Offering a complete solution for your “Medicare Prospects” requires knowing all of your prospect’s needs and what best addresses those needs. Medicare Supplements can be marketed and sold throughout the year.
GTL’s Latest Short Term Care offering has expanded into your State!
AEP is coming and your client’s are looking for home care. Join us as we discuss the Home Care Secure product of GTL and how it can provide another solution for your clients needs. States Available: AL,AZ,AR,CO,GA,IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,LA,MI,MS,MO,NE,NC,OH,OK,PA,SC,TN,TX
Use The Portfolio That Protects Your Medicare Prospects and Clients!
You know your clients need help with those extra medical expenses, but it’s not always easy to discuss. Many Medicare Advantage plans have additional benefits that address coverage shortfalls beyond the basic medical needs, but sometimes help is needed for those expenses that aren’t fully covered…
Mutual of Omaha’s LTC Underwriting Insights
You will not want to miss Chris Klement, LTC Underwriting Manager at Mutual of Omaha share his insights on the business…
Utilize Medicare Assistance Programs to Serve and Sell Throughout the Year
The Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey identifies 25% of the Medicare population falling under 135% of the federal poverty levels that could qualify them for Medicare Savings Plans assistance. Knowing the guidelines and limits for both LIS (Low Income Subsidy) and MSP (Medicare Savings Plans) can help you sell and serve all year long…
Annuity Options and Rising Rates
Check out the discussion between Brad Lewis, with Premier Marketing, and Jason Goodrich, with EquiTrust. They discuss the available options for your clients that are planning for their Retirement and Savings.
Sell THE Hot Medicare Supplement
Medicare Supplements are to be marketed and sold compliantly throughout the year. But, what carriers should you use and how do you visit with qualified prospects efficiently and compliantly?
Add National General to Your Medicare Supplement Offerings
Competing in the Medicare Market requires carriers who offer not only competitive premiums and benefits but also cutting-edge marketing and agent support. Augmenting Medicare Supplement coverage with other needed coverages – like dental and other fee-for-service plans – increases the value of working with your carrier of choice…
Prospecting with Direct Mail
Direct mail is a proven method to generate prospects interested in what you have to offer. Check out how a disciplined system of direct mail can put you in front of qualified prospects looking to buy from you!

MA Programs That Make a Difference to Your Customers NOW

It’s easy to be distracted by all the information that speaks to 2023 benefits, but we need to remember that we have a limited time to help qualified prospects in 2022! This process can be simplified by working with carriers that not only offer strong plans but also offer solid agent support year after year. One such carrier is Elevance, formerly known as Anthem…

Have Hospital Indemnity Plans Fill Medicare Beneficiaries’ Need

Medicare Beneficiaries deal with hospitalizations more frequently than any other segment of our population. Some look to cover that cost with Medicare Advantage Plans to limit their financial exposure. However, hospital copayments need to be addressed as part of their healthcare coverage. Hospital Indemnity Plans can do that in a very cost-effective manner…

The North Texas Medicare Advantage Plan to Sell Now!

With continued focus needed for 2022 Medicare Advantage Plans, and their effective dates, top of the line carriers are a necessity.  In North Texas, that means Care N’ Care. A powerful benefit package – including top shelf ancillary programs – makes this carrier a must have for your portfolio!

GIUL and Extend Care

Join Premier’s Kathy Elkins and Dana J Brown Senior Regional Internal Life Insurance Wholesaler with Protective Life as they discuss “Why an Indexed Universal Life?” Clients today are wanting more from their life insurance. Give them what they are looking for.

Making Retail Pay As Part of Your Marketing Plan

Community marketing strategies have always been highly valued as part of an insurance agent’s target marketing efforts. There are many community marketing options available through Walmart®, CVS®, Walgreens®, and various carrier programs.

Using the “Best” Way to Meet Qualified Prospects
We know it’s difficult to get in front of qualified prospects. Our “New Normal” has created even more of a challenge for Agents to connect with prospective clients.
Mutual of Omaha’s LTC Claims
Discussion & Experiences
Gain insights into the Mutual of Omaha Claims Team, claims process including the producer’s roll in the process, marketing materials, claims statistics and much more!

Medicare and the Marketplace

Check out the details regarding Medicare and the Marketplace, and learn how to not only help your prospects decide the course to take, but also add to your bottom line while doing so.

2023 AEP Prep & Plan
Even though 2022 opportunities and possible commissions remain (six more 2022 effective dates to go), planning for the upcoming AEP now is crucial. Are you confident that the investment of your resources – time, training and money – will bring you the return you look to earn?

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