Don’t Pay Retail for Leads

Leads, specifically mailers, are crucial for the Senior Market. Partner with Premier and use Lead Co-Op dollars.

Championship Sales System

Take your game to the next level using our turn-key system for turning Medicare sales into Final Expense sales.

ExpressApp Worth Talking About

100% Phone sales option, bonuses, incentives and front-loaded commissions tied to a solid final expense product.

New Medicare Supplement

It’s tough to lose a Medicare sale when the price is right. Western United has premium rates you can’t pass up.

Celebrating 20 Years of amazing trips with Partners & Producers we consider family.

Premier was founded by Agents, for Agents. Knocking on doors and running leads is in our corporate DNA. So is pushing ourselves to qualify for lavish trips. When you do business with Premier, we want nothing more than to help you write qualifying business so you can be a part of something big!


Ask yourself: “What is my current IMO doing to help me on a daily basis?” “Have I seen tangible results since partnering with them?” “Do I have the right products in my bag to be competitive?”

If you have to stretch for any of the answers to these questions, we would like to apply for the full-time job of being your dedicated Independent Marketing Organization.

A Must for Medicare Advantage

Leads, specifically mailers, are crucial for the Senior Market. Partner with Premier and use Lead Co-Op dollars.

Foundational Sales System

Take advantage of our leading sales and marketing system that changes the way final expense is sold.

A Product in High Demand

Medicare will not cover all expenses associated with home health care. But there is a way to get cash in hand.

6 Letter Words – 6 Figure Incomes

Top Producers generate sales with Dental and Cancer products to reach higher income brackets. See how it’s done..


An Exclusive Program to put Social Media on AutoPilot

Social media is a must for any business in today’s world. But you probably don’t have the time to write, post, engage and monitor all of your social media accounts. That’s why we’ve made this simple social media marketing program. Put a needed marketing pillar on autopilot.

Boomers are the fastest growing age group joining Facebook. When clients and their families Google your name or search for you on LinkedIn, it’s very important to have an online presence to validate your authority as an Agent in the community. Coverage Made Easy is a complete program and fits no matter if you currently use social media or not. It can take you to the next level and let you focus on selling.