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  • We provide the highest level of back office support to individual agents as well as agencies across the United States
  • We bridge the gap between agents and companies allowing you to focus on serving your clients
  • We provide in-depth product and service knowledge

As an independent agent, you have choices – what products to offer, with which carrier, and with which marketing organization.  So how do you choose?  Learn more about Premier Marketing – what products and carriers we do business with, and how we support our agents.  Explore your contracting options and the marketing and training programs we offer to aid in your success.  Learn those details in our video Partnering with Premier  and explore more through our website tour and learn Why Premier?.

A Must for Medicare Advantage

Leads, specifically mailers, are crucial for the Senior Market. Partner with Premier and use Lead Co-Op dollars.

Foundational Sales System

Take advantage of our leading sales and marketing system that changes the way final expense is sold.

A Product in High Demand

Medicare will not cover all expenses associated with home health care. But there is a way to get cash in hand.

6 Letter Words – 6 Figure Incomes

Top Producers generate sales with Dental and Cancer products to reach higher income brackets. See how it’s done..


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Why Concern Yourself with LIS & MSP When You Don't Target that Market?

Thursday, August 29, 2019
1:00 -2:00
Lower income Medicare Beneficiaries can qualify for help with Rx and medical expenses, but you target higher income individuals, so how does this help YOU? The Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey identifies 31% of the Medicare population to fall under income limits that could qualify them for assistance that could make them eligible for Special Election Periods throughout the year. You can use the guidelines and limits for LIS (Low Income Subsidy) and MSP (Medicare Savings Programs) to solidify the business you do pursue and drive up persistency on your current book of business. With the median income of a Medicare beneficiary at $26,200, nearly half of the Medicare market could be affected. Add to your bottom line while marketing the products you normally do, just by knowing how the numbers can work for you.

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Those Extra Benefits Your Prospects and Clients Need!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019
1:00 -2:00
Even the most comprehensive of health plans leave something to be desired. Sometimes it it\'s help with dental coverage, or bills brought about by a serious illness or a hospital stay. Do you like the idea of providing dental coverage for your clients, and using this demand product to prospect, but wish it paid better commissions? And, you know your folks need help for those extra medical expenses, but it\'s not always easy to discuss? A new option offers dental, vision, and hearing coverage, critical illness and hospital indemnity plans, all easy to quote and enroll by a carrier that pays good commissions, with big company support. Add in marketing support that enables you to reach those that need this coverage, and you have a \"must-have carrier\" for your portfolio. Join us to learn the details you need to begin taking advantage of this great sales opportunity!

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Driving Accumulation and Performance-Income Products

Thursday, September 12, 2019
10:00 -11:00
Help meet your clients goals with a Powerful Pair!

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Learn about Ameritas’ New Individual Dental Plan

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
11:00 -12:00
Ameritas offers a means of doing business that\'s tailored to your needs, with innovation and attention to detail you won\'t find anywhere else. And, it’s complete with competitive commission payments, and individual and group product solutions. This includes a customized hyperlink to use from your website that links your customers to the quoting engine and gives you credit for the sale! And now, a new plan offering increased first year/day one benefits on basic and major services will bring even more economic value to your client!

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