Event Compliance

Do you plan to host a Sales or Educational Event this AEP? Do you know all the rules associated with Events? If not, you could be setting yourself up for a CMS violation.

Hosting Sales/Marketing events can be a good way to attract new clients and educate them on Medicare and the choices they have when choosing a Medicare plan. However, there are many compliance risks in hosting events, so we’ve highlighted some of the most important things you should remember when hosting an event.
First of all, let’s take a look at the two types of Events: Educational and Sales Events.


An event designed to inform or educate Medicare beneficiaries about Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug, or other Medicare programs and does not include marketing activities (i.e. the event sponsor does not steer, or attempt to steer, potential enrollees toward a specific plan or limited number of plans).


A Sales Event, or Marketing Event as they are sometimes called, is a marketing event where all allowable types of Marketing Activities can occur, and is designed to steer, or attempt to steer, potential enrollees toward a plan or a limited set of plans. Agents may educate beneficiaries just like at an educational event, but they can also market specific plans, discuss plan specific benefits, along with other compliant marketing activities.
Keep in mind, there are two different types of Sales Events: Formal and Informal:
  • Formal Sales Events are a more structured event using an audience/presenter type format.
  • Informal Sales Events utilize a less structured format; for example, a table, kiosk, etc. that is manned by a sales representative where consumers must initiate the conversations.



*Some carriers may require reporting of Educational Events as well, so know your carriers’ guidelines.
*Show up to all scheduled events and arrive 15 min early to your event!

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