Your Client’s Want Lifetime Protection

Indexed Choice Universal Life is the answer. This truly is one great packaged plan!

Why would a product with Chronic illness care rider benefit all your clients?
Why take Risk: the odds of developing a chronic illness are daunting and the impact is overwhelming.

The Facts:

  • ½ of people turning 65 will need some type of long-term care service in their lifetime.
  • The average cost of nursing home private cost today is $102,200 (cost of care,
  • This is also a serious toll on your loved ones.
  • ExtendCare can be used for home health care, nursing home, assisted living, professional Nursing care, hospice, and more.

Sales Options for Younger Clients:

Their premiums are less expensive so offer a bit more death benefit and explain that One policy covers several needs.
1: Death Benefit; 2: income when needed; 3: Chronic Care.
Female 30 Preferred Plus, $300 monthly, increasing death benefit solve for minimum death benefit to max the cash growth.  $214,231 death benefit immediately. Pay till age 65/ 35 years. Approximate DB at age 66 $516,705 can be used at 2% monthly for Chronic Illness if needed ($10,334) or the Cash value of $302,474 can be used for a tax-free retirement.

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