Policy Management is here!

MedicareCENTER’s Policy Management is here — and we’re so excited to share this with all of our agents!
MedicareCENTER’s Policy Management gives you at-a-glance policy information so you can work more efficiently, manage your day and serve your clients better.

Policy Management gives you access to:

  • Policy Snapshot – enrollments by status to help with client follow-up
  • Benefit Summary – highlight of benefits at time of client’s enrollment, so agents can help their client with questions about benefits or coverage
  • Enrollment History – client’s plan history to more easily discuss changing benefit needs over time
  • Task List – quickly see and jump to time-sensitive actions for your Contacts, including SOA 48-hr rule, unlinked calls and policies and reminders so you’ll never miss an opportunity

Get this powerful new resource right in MedicareCENTER!

We can’t wait for you to use this new feature to serve clients even better.

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