New E-App Signature Method

Starting July 7th, we will offer an authorization code signature option for E-Apps in our Aetna Quote & Enroll tool.
Say goodbye to those security question signatures and hello to a system-generated authorization code that can be sent by email or text message (SMS). This new feature is designed to make the authorization process easier and more secure. So, get ready to experience the benefits of this upgrade! 🚀

How the authorization code signature works:

  • The applicant will receive their unique six-digit authorization code (by email or text).
  • The applicant will share that authorization code with the agent.
  • The agent will enter that authorization code into Aetna Quote & Enroll.
  • Once our system validates the code, the agent can proceed to the Sign & Submit section.
The existing security question signature option will remain available until July 20 to allow time to transition to using the new authorization code signature option.

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