Keep Key Client Details Updated With Profile Linking

Profile Linking is now LIVE!
You know that your clients’ key information, including prescriptions, providers and preferred pharmacies, can change throughout the year. It’s important for you to stay updated and know when your clients might need new plan guidance.
PlanEnroll Profile Linking helps to seamlessly keep key client details updated, creating greater client alignment, and saving agents time so they can focus on serving their clients better.

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How PlanEnroll links clients to agents:

Key client information can change throughout the year, making it challenging to keep up. But PlanEnroll Profile Linking eliminates the need for extra phone calls or meetings to make sure client information is current.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A client sets up a PlanEnroll profile on or through an agent’s Personal Agent Website link.
  2. The client is prompted to provide key information— including prescriptions, doctors and specialists and preferred pharmacy locations.
  3. Clients or agents can update the information as details change, which reflects in both MedicareCENTER and  PlanEnroll, alerting both parties.
  4. Agents can offer better up-to-date guidance throughout the year as their client preferences change or plan details change.

With PlanEnroll Profile Linking, when a client updates their PlanEnroll profile, you will see the changes in the contact record in MedicareCENTER and vice versa.

Whenever a change is made by an agent or client, the other will be alerted in their activity stream.

We know this feature will help you save time and better stay connected with your clients. We want you know understand the importance of your clients creating a PlanEnroll profile on their Personalized Agent Website!

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