Contact Rules

Are you following the guidelines when contacting prospective clients?

Below are some examples of unsolicited contact which is prohibited:
  • Door-to-Door Solicitation (Door Knocking)
  • Telephonic or electronic (Cold-calling, texting, etc.)
  • Calling a “referral” from a current client
  • Leaving Flyers, Leaflets, etc. at residences or on cars
  • Approaching potential enrollees in common areas such as parking lots, lobbies, sidewalks, retail stores, etc.
  • Calling attendees of a Sales Event (unless express permission is given for a follow-up call)

So with all those prohibitions on how you can make contact with consumers, what can you do?

Permitted Contact:

  • Call individuals when valid “permission to call/contact” is given
  • Give your contact info to current clients who want to refer a friend/relative (the referred individual needs to contact you directly)
  • Call your current MA enrollees to promote other Medicare plan types or to discuss plan benefits (ex. contact your PDP enrollees to promote MA-PD products)
  • Call current enrollees to discuss/inform them about general plan information, such as: Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) dates, plan changes, educational events, etc.
  • Return phone calls/messages or leave information at a residence if your prescheduled appointment becomes a No-Show
  • Direct mail campaigns (make sure your mailers are compliant though!)
  • Email potential enrollees, provided all emails contain an opt-out function and follow other generic marketing material guidelines.

Call the Marketing Staff here at Premier to get additional information: 800-365-8208

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