Are You Ready To Sell?

Unqualified Sales can be costly, not only from a commission standpoint but from a contracting perspective as well.

Not only do you forfeit commissions for an unqualified sale, they can also result in termination of your contract if you have too many. So please make sure you are properly Licensed, Appointed, and Certified for all products you could possibly sell this AEP. Double-checking your appointments and certifications before sales appointments is a great best practice to help avoid unqualified sales. Also, be aware of the expiration date on your insurance licenses.

Ready to Sell = Licensed, Appointed, AND Certified
Not “Ready” and Sell = Unqualified Sale
Unqualified Sale = NO COMMISSIONS!!
Too Many Unqualified Sales = TERMINATION!!!
Ways to Prevent Unqualified Sales:
  • Make sure your State Licenses are still active
  • Verify your State Appointments with each Carrier
  • Full Portfolio Certification! – certify for all products with each carrier, not just ones you “plan” to sell
  • Double-check your certifications and carrier appointments prior to sales appointments
  • Do you have downline agents? You are responsible for their compliance, so be sure to communicate their RTS status to them and continue to reach out if they aren’t completely Ready to Sell. Also don’t give them applications until they are completely “Ready to Sell”, that should help them avoid unqualified sales.
Call the Marketing Staff here at Premier to verify your “Ready-To-Sell” Status!! 800-365-8208
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