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Frequently Asked Questions
about Premier Marketing:
Our sales managers have worked together to answer your questions regarding Senior Health, Final Expense, Traditional Life, Annuities, LTC and STC, as well as the back-office support that Premier Marketing provides. Check out the answers below!
What sets Premier apart from other FMOs?

Premier is unique and is a one stop shop with specialists in 5 different product lines. We also offer back office support that provides the highest quality of service to our Agents. Premier’s founders started as Agents in the field and built the organization on how to best serve agents. Premier has multiple technology services and tenured staff that is here to help you grow your business.

Please explain how the call recording on MedicareCENTER works?

We have a very informative call recording demo https://vimeo.com/750180261. The MedicareCENTER system will provide a new phone number for agents to use to handle the recordings, whether inbound or outbound.

Do you have a mailing list per area code the agents can purchase?
We have a few vendors we can suggest where mailing lists can be purchased. We also have a T65 app that will provide names, addresses and date of birth in the selected location at no cost for agents who work with Premier.
What lead systems do you provide?

The following website will highlight the lead system options we currently use https://premiersmi.com/lead-center-2/. Between Digital leads, Mailers, real-time call transfer campaigns in LeadCenter, we’ve got you covered.

Can Premier provide agents with a standard, compliant webpage/landing page for Medicare Business like other FMO's do?
We do not currently have a program to create a webpage for an agent’s business. We do have companies we can suggest who have created websites for some of our agents. In addition, we do offer the ability for an agent to obtain a quoting and enrollment link (PURL) that can be used in conjunction with their business website.
I'm looking for a compliant mailer to send to existing Medicare Clients regarding offering Equity Index Annuities. Does Premier have something?

We have multiple pre-approved Annuity mailers that you could use to mail to your medicare clients. We also have a generic introduction brochure that is customizable and explains the benefits of Indexed Annuities.

Do you help agents if they have a small group that want life insurance?
We do have carriers that offer group policies, that is not a particular area we focus on but we can help make the proper connections.
Can I buy leads directly from Premier? I'm looking for Life and Health leads.

There are a variety of sources available. Your Agent Success Manager will run through those options with you, but they are generally part of any webinar John Dubas has recorded, available in the Training Center.

When can you send contracting?

You can contract anytime by using our online contracting system. It can be found on our website or you can follow this link to get appointed. https://tinyurl.com/PremierMarketing.

What do you have to get us in front of more prospects? And at what cost?

There are a variety of sources available. Your Agent Success Manager will run through those options with you, but they are generally part of any webinar John Dubas has recorded, available in the Training Center.

My frustrations with FMO's has been the lack of experience from the "agent support" people. What is your criteria for hiring, experience, KNOWLEDGE for your support people, before you put them on the phone with agents?

We have very tenured personnel in each area of interest, and backup support folks to make certain you get the detail you need. There are experts in each department and they do their absolute best to ensure all new employees have the knowledge they need to help you, the Agent, with anything you may need.

Are you set up to do tele-sales for Final Expense?
We have multiple carriers that have approved processes for Final Expense sales. We can connect you with a Final Expense Expert to discuss the different carriers and processes that are available.

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