Turn-key Marketing System to help you be Successful

We have created a comprehensive, turn-key marketing system to help you be successful in offering the Legacy Safeguard® service and our industry leading Final Expense Solutions to your clients and the community that you serve.

If you use these systems, outlined here at Legacy Safeguard University, you will be successful.

At Legacy Safeguard University, you will find tools for every part of the sales process. These are proven techniques that will help you serve more clients, close more sales and increase your income all at the same time. We encourage you to be patient and trust the process, and you will enjoy the results!

We believe it is important to leave a legacy, and part of that legacy is to be remembered long after we are gone. With this in mind, Legacy Safeguard was created to help you and your clients leave a lasting legacy and assist a member’s family through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

If you work in the senior marketing independent insurance channel and would like to start offering final expense life insurance contact your preferred national marketing organization click below for more information. We will make sure you get started today so you can begin using our comprehensive, turn-key marketing systems.