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With over 50 years experience, we serve over 25,000 active agents in all 50 states providing the highest level of back office
support to individual agents as well as agencies across the United States. We bridge the gap between agents and carriers
allowing you to focus on sewing your clients rather than wasting time with administrative activities. We provide in-depth
product and service knowledge to keep you informed and well-prepared to meet your clients’ needs.

And each year we reward you, the top producers, with an annual producers convention in exotic, beautiful locations!

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Agent Testimonials

“When you work with Premier you can expect that the client’s goal is always going to be the most important and that when you need something or need service, they’re going to supply it to you at a moment’s notice without an issue.” Michael

“From top to bottom, they’ve got the best product services and trips that there are in the industry.” -Carl

“It’s been 20 years in the business and I’ve worked with a lot of FMO’s. There‘s a distinct difference between working with Premier. The support they give to my agents is unbelieveable. It allows me to run my business and it’s just a wonderful
partnership.“ -Steve

“When you sign up and work with Premier, you know you’re in great hands, and that’s personally why I’m with Premier – I’m
happy!” -Chioma