Be Compliant.
Be Transparent.
Get More Sales.

Before Annuities Genius: With thousands of annuities on the market, how can you really recommend the right one in the age of the Best Interest Standard? Are you truly offering the best option to your clients?

After Annuities Genius: You have a TRUSTED product validation process to determine client suitability. You keep impeccable, comprehensive records. You have an all-in-one, compliant sales process.

Premier Marketing is proud to offer the Annuity Genius Database FREE to all our qualifying Agents!

Click Here For Free Access was founded in 1995 with the purpose of providing MYGA – Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuity rates and product information in real time to agents, distributors and insurance carriers.  Since then ARW’s offerings have grown to include customizable annuity databases, Illustrations, SPIA quotes, Lifetime Income Rider Quoting and Electronic Applications.

  • Complete Income Rider Ledgers
  • SPIA Quoting
  • Product Profiles
  • Lifetime Income Rider Quoting
  • Hypothetical Illustrations
  • Electronic Application System
  • Fixed and Indexed Rates
  • Annuity Product List