We are going to release a video every single week that is going to help train you, build your confidence and help you sell more annuities! Contact us if you have any questions and let us know how we can help. Premier looks forward to helping you make an extra $100,000 or more this year!

Closing annuities has to do with confidence, education and help. We offer these through our new Annuity Resource Center!  Our experts have worked with top annuity educators and writers across the country to bring you this new tool.  We will teach you how to use the Financial Inventory, as well as, show you which tools you should have in the home.  Most importantly, get support through the “Ask A Specialist” Feature and learn which products you should be working with.

Check out what’s included:

Video Series “7 Simple Steps to Retirement Security!” with your host, Sean A. Ruggiero, Managing Partner at Integrity and Founder of SafeMoneySmart.org, and Tom Hegna.

And coming soon…EXCLUSIVE LEADS!

  • Watch this 2 and half minute video Featuring Economist, Author and
    Retirement Expert Tom Hegna:
    "7 Ways to Retire Happy: Step #2 Maximize Social Security Benefits"

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