With AEP underway, you have a good understanding of what clients want in your market.
Do you have what you need?

If you are missing a carrier in the Medicare Advantage, Part D, or Medicare Supplement world – or even a dental or HIP program – we can help!

Additionally, we have seen thousands of applications process through our MedicareCenter for Medicare Advantage and PDP plans, as well as, our Med Supp/Ancillary plans system! Did you know our agents have FREE access to these tools?

Why Premier?

Premier Marketing is all about building trust, offering world-class service and retaining strong business relationships – all with Integrity. We want to help you not only grow your business but learn to love this industry. We value our agents, our industry partners and our employees and treat them with respect and honesty. We are passionate about offering exceptional service and surpassing expectations.

We provide the highest level of back office support to individual agents as well as agencies across the United States

We bridge the gap between agents and companies allowing you to focus on serving your clients

We provide in-depth product and service knowledge

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