Who is Clear Spring Health?

Premier Marketing has partnered with Clear Spring Health to offer their Medicare Advantage products.

Clear Spring Health is part of Group One Thousand One, a customer-centric insurance group whose mission is to make insurance more useful, intuitive and accessible so that everyone feels empowered to achieve financial security. Clear Spring Health is dedicated to helping seniors protect their health and well-being by providing Medicare Advantage plans in select counties of Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, and Virginia, plus Georgia and South Carolina through our affiliate, Eon Health.

  1. Clear Spring Health has the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan for you that's packed with exceptional value and simple to use.

  1. Our Medicare Advantage plans provide all the benefits of original Medicare... and more. We'll help you embrace health and enjoy life by providing important extra benefits. Plus, we provide services that help you manage your healthcare wisely, like our Nursing Hotline, Care Management Programs, and more.

  1. On a fixed income? You'll appreciate our competitive copays and deductibles. They'll make it less daunting to get the healthcare and prescription drugs you need - without derailing your budget.

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