Championship Sales System

Contributor: Brad Lewis

Congratulations on advancing through this year’s Medicare Advantage season! It’s now time to shine in the Postseason where great teams take their game to the next level. Now that you’ve served your clients with their Medicare plans, you have an incredible opportunity to follow-up on another major need and help them leave a lasting legacy.

This is why Legacy Safeguard created the Postseason Game Plan – a guide to successfully advancing through the Medicare season and into the Postseason to become a Senior Market Champion.

The Postseason Game Plan shows you how to provide the game changing Legacy Safeguard service and thank your clients for working with you on their Medicare planning needs.

Whatever you do, don’t over extend your “bye week” and let too much time go by once the Regular Season is over. Take advantage of your hot streak, and get started with the Postseason Game Plan so you can help more clients than you ever thought possible by using our valuable system.

There is not another marketing plan as easy to implement in the Senior Market as the Postseason Game Plan and by offering Legacy Safeguard you will be able to make more presentations and close more sales.

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